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Kalefeld, Germany


Kurt Maier Motor-Press GmbH – forced air cooling units

The company Kurt Maier Motor-Press GmbH was established in 1979. We are a medium-sized expansive enterprise with production sites in Germany and Southern Europe. We provide our customers with standard components for electric motors in frame sizes IEC 56 up to IEC 400, but also components made in accordance with our customers’ requirements.

Our component portfolio comprises a broad range of parts for electric motor construction. We deliver housings, flanges and terminal boxes made of aluminium die castings or grey cast iron in frame sizes 56-400, stator cores and rotor bodies, aluminium continuous casting, fan blade, fan guards, rain protection roofs, as well as a variety of further accessory parts, suitable for our component portfolio.

We offer external forced ventilation in frame sizes 56 to 560. The axial cooling fans are employed for permanent cooling of electric motors. These forced ventilation units consist of specific axial driven fans which are integrated in a protecting fan cowl. In addition to our standard series, which is available from stock, we also deliver aggregates as initial equipment or as retrofitting for all electric motor producers on the market.

Furthermore, we deliver centrifugal blower / radial blowers from 50 m³/h to 68,000 m³/h with direct drive and belt drive for temperatures up to 200°C, as well as blowers as stainless steel version and in special design.

Kurt Maier Motor-Press GmbH distributes explosion-proof electric motors as sales partner of FPM (former F&G), ATB, Elprom, Cemp, and RAEL. Due to our comprehensive storage in Kalefeld, we are able to supply you on short-notice with engines of the following models: II2G EEx-d(e) IIC T 4 in frame sizes IEC 63-160 in 2-pole version and IEC 63-200 in 4-pole version, equipped with PTC thermistors for FU operation in frame sizes B3, B5 or B14 (up to Bg. 132).

As general representative of AVTRON (USA), we offer you incremental encoders and absolute encoders in optical and magnetic version. These components are characterized by a solid construction and are especially suitable for the usage in the hoist-, crane- and heavy industry. There is a distinctive use of AVTRON encoders in wind turbines.

Our business policy is oriented towards the growing requirements of technology and quality. Among our customers are renowned manufacturer of electric motors and gear motors, pumps, fans, blowers and ventilation units, general drive technology, electrical engineering, as well as companies with repair services and armature coiling, and components wholesale.

We deliver worldwide. You can find our branch offices and partners in different European countries, the US, South America and South Africa.

Our products:
• forced air cooling units
• spare parts for electric motors
• incremental shaft encoders
• aluminium die castings
• grey iron castings
• centrifugal fans
• fans (blowers)
• ventilator jackets and covers for electric motors
• cooling fans for electric motors
• components for electric motors